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Steering Wheel Cleaner

by Robert Ray
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Steering Wheel Cleaner

In this article, we are going to tell you how to clean and protect your leather steering wheel in your vehicle, so it’s very important to do so because the majority of  the touch control surfaces in your vehicle. So, mainly the steering wheel and the shift knob while they come into contact with oils with grease with dirt all sorts of contaminants and also the damaging UV rays from the sun. So it can lead to cracking discolouration fading and oily slimy greasy residue that we don’t like on a steering wheel because it’s supposed to have a matte appearance. So, if your leather is very shiny or glossy, that means that there’s a lot of accumulated grease and oil on it. So in this article, we are going to tell you how to clean a leather steering wheel.

Before cleaning the steering wheel, you need to protect the dashboard and the gauge cluster against any over spray or any product slinging behind that.


Steering Wheel Cleaner



Types of Steering Wheel Cleaner

Following are the types of steering wheel cleaner:

  • Meguiars
  • Lexol
  • Griot’s
  • Color lock

We are going to pit these products against one another and see which one is capable of cleaning off the steering wheel and which one is not.

You should never ever use paper towel ever. The reason why you never want to use paper towel they break apart and they get off fibrous and leaves dusty fibers all over the place here and it’ll stick to whatever is gooey on here and you’ll never get it off ever plus they just pick apart that’s not what you’re looking for cheap shop towels that’s another one here because they shred and they cause a lot of lint and fibers to go everywhere. When these fibers rub off and get all over the wheel there you’ll never ever get them all, so what should you be using you should be using a microfiber cloth instead here. So if you look at the surface of these microfiber cloths, they’re made a lot better they don’t fall apart. They don’t get all lengthy on you and see all of those cones there are what you need to dig into the material to help really mechanically remove the stains that are stubborn on there that won’t come off otherwise also make sure you don’t use any old rags or t-shirts or anything they’re not going to be effective enough at digging into the material like the cones on a microfiber towel would be okay.

Working of the Cleaner

Next we’re going to take the color lock leather brush and the color lock leather cleaner.  After that, we’re going to apply a bit of the cleaner on the brush so never on the leather itself and then start brushing. Don’t apply too much pressure, let the brush do the job. Make sure you brush thoroughly everywhere, and this is going to bring all the oils to the surface. Color lock is kind of a dry foam, so it’s not too wet. It has the perfect consistency to do the job. You don’t want to over saturate the leather. So this procedure by the way you should be doing once every two to three months to maintain a good-looking leather.

Now take a clean and dry microfiber towel and you can twist the towel and it’s help to remove all the dirt and grime and wipe the steering wheel if need be, you repeat the process but we have the desired effect which is a matte appearance because clean leather is supposed to be matte it’s not supposed to be  super glossy or greasy. So i don’t know if you can tell on the towel but you can see all the grease and dirt that we helped to lift and remove and all that grimy residue. So you can see the difference in it before cleaning the steering wheel and after it’s cleaning. Before cleaning it, there is oil and grease and after cleaning it you have nice beautiful matte appearance.

After that, we are ready to protect it.

So for the protection it’s very simple, so what we’re going to do in this case is we’re going to take color lock leather shield. This is going to protect against friction damage, dye transfer, against fading cracking and all that good stuff.

So we’re going to take our sponge, it has kind of milky appearance. Now dab it and simply apply on it, don’t overdo it. This is kind of a sealant for leather and then flip the sponge on the dry side and remove any excess when you’re done applying the coating, make sure you go behind the steering wheel. So this is going to protect the leather for roughly three to six months but you will redo this procedure every two to three months to make sure you maintain your leather and optimal condition at all times you are going to have nice crisp leather which is always a good thing.

After that flip the sponge to the dry side and we’re just going to wipe away any excess and it’s as easy as that there’s almost  no effort. It doesn’t leave any shrieking. So there we go and with the dry side of the microfiber towel we can give one final  buff. After all this process you saw how easy and simple it is and you look the difference how nice the finish is. There is a non greasy and non slippery surface. Now it’s very grippy because unprotected, well clean leather. It has more of a grippy appearance and matte awesome look and it’s as good as new.

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