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Kia Sportage Full Specs Reviews & Latest model

by Robert Ray
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2022 Model Specs

Here we try to share the full features and specifications of the KIA Sportage 2022 model, including its price range.


It comes with more luxury and sporty look with more features.
  • The total length of KIA Sportage is 4660 mm.
  • The width of  1865 mm.
  • The height of 1600 mm.
  • And the wheel base of 2755 mm.
  • Total weight is 1525 kg with petrol engine.
First comes with the 8-inch infotainment system, the 4.2 inch digital cluster. Parking sensors front collision assist dual zone climate control and the LED lights straight off the bat.
Second in the lineup comes the gt line and this comes with the 12.3 inch digital infotainment display with navigation driver lumbar support smart key entry, rear privacy glass, smart cruise control and the full collision assist gets an added bonus of the junction functionality.
In the middle of the range comes the three and this gets the park cloth partner. The seats with heating functionality, the heated steering wheel and highway drive assist.
The fourth car in the sportage lineus is the four this is where the tech really starts to come alive, the four gets the dual LED adaptive headlights interior.
  • Ambient lighting power.
  • Adjustable front seats.
  • The wireless charger.
  • The panoramic roof.
  • A harmon kardon speaker system.
  • A blind spot collision avoidance system blind spot.
  • Surround view monitoring as well.
The gt lineup comes with the special tyres if you have the p hev or hev versions to optimize the electric range. It also comes with suede upholstery the driver’s memory seats which are ventilated for cooling a panoramic roof and a smart power tailgate.
Next i will inform you about the engine range of the sportage of which it has six and two non-hybrid ones are a 1.6 petrol with 113 horsepower and a 1.6 diesel with 148 HP.
Now the first hybrids in the lineup are the mild hybrids and these again are the same 1.6 diesel and petrol variants but they’re twinned with a 48 volt battery and a seven speed dct gearbox now these produce 133 horsepower from the petrol and 148 from the diesel. Next up we have the hev the hybrid electric vehicle and this is a 1.6 litre petrol engine with a 1.49 kilowatt hour battery producing 226 horsepower in either two wheel-drive or wheel drive configuration.
 This is paired with just a standard six speed automatic box and that is what we have in this car today. It is absolutely fantastic engine. The final engine unit you can have in your sports is the plug-in hybrid which has a 13.8 kilowatt hour battery and the same 1.6 turbocharged petrol engine with the six-speed auto we have and this produces a combined 261 horsepower.


Kia Sportage Full Specs Reviews & Latest model
Now i’m going to start inside. I was going to tell you the terrain mode button but unfortunately i have only got the two wheel drive variant. There was a drive mode selector where i can put the car into sport or eco mode there will be a button in the center of the front seats that would say to rain in the all wheel drive variants which means your kia sportage can go off road in mud, snow and sand.
 Clear of maximized storage inside this new sportage with nice large door bins down here a decent size glove box and little storage section on the center of the dashboard where the wireless charger’s held, you’ve also got rather sizable area with cup holders and a nice sized center arm console so you’ve got good amount of storage inside this.
We can switch drive modes from eco mode to sport mode which gives you a different dial you can see you’ve got your rev counter just there if you want to give the car a quick rev or are you gonna be in eco mode and it gives you a rough idea of what the car is doing when the battery’s charging when it’s discharging and they still got quite a bit of pep in eco mode.


Kia Sportage Full Specs Reviews & Latest model

This new variant of the sportage comes with a large boot as well with 591 litres with the seats up or if you pull the levers on the sides you reveal 1780 liters.There is a small lip to the boot lid load here but if you lift up the floor it is adjustable so you have no lip and the best thing about this new sportage is the middle seat folds independently which means you can do through loading which on a big suv like this is pretty much essential.

There is a tow bar fitted on a new sportage and a kia sportage is satisfied to tow between 1.6 tons and 1.9 tonnes depending on the variation of engine you have.

There is a good storage back as well you’ve got coat hanger on the back headrest there on both sides and both of these seats have usb, c sockets on them so practicality-wise you can have your kids chargers charge their phones in the back of the car without going down. The other thing the sports arch has a little liver to combine the seats what more could you want at the back of your large suv and there is also an ample headroom even with the panorama roof.
Inside front you can see a usb socket and usbc and a 12 volt connector but it is all stored in a little compartment. If you put your phone in there it’s a wireless charging pad.
The new sportage has a range of 10 colors and this depends on what you can choose what on the model you have or even the engine with the exclusive experience green only coming on the p hev or hev engines. The gt liners does comes with the two-tone paint so you can choose to have the black roof if you would like. There are five colors on the gt liners and that’s the infrared luna, silver fusion, white dark penta matel which is kind of charcoal gray or the blue flame.

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